About Dustin J Turner

During my time with an international medical relief organization, I met a doctor with an intriguing story.Version 2

The doctor had given up a good career in the ER to provide humanitarian aid in some of the world’s most dangerous places. He told me some chilling stories. Once in Iraq, masked men ambushed his convoy and held him at gunpoint while they stole his supplies. And while living in Kashmir, he nearly lost his wife and young child to a life-threatening illness. Thankfully, they lived.

But there was something else, a clandestine side to his work so controversial and dangerous that it couldn’t be discussed openly. As he told me about it, I realized that was the true mission; the real reason he lived and worked in such dangerous places.

If exposed, he’d be arrested. In some countries, the offense was punishable by death. But he did it willingly. With passion. And that work is being done right now by a small number of determined people, like him, all over the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.

That’s what this story is about.

The clandestine work.

Their mission.

Dustin Turner is the former international field director for a medical relief agency. His work has taken him to such global hot spots as Sudan, Egypt, Eritrea, Mauritania, Cambodia, China, and Haiti. Dustin currently lives with his wife and three kids in Arkansas.


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